We are very excited about our product roadmap and will continue to offer innovation and diverse range of services in the near future to further enable organisations to deliver better services and efficiency.

New User Interface

June 1, 2016
New User Interface

Our new user interface enhances productivity through intuitive task navigation, improved search functionality and friendlier data intake process.

NDIS Update

October 21, 2016

Our disability care program is undergoing major development to improve NDIS portal integration and service planning tools including budget management and reports, service planning tools, updated NDIS claimable activities process and client contribution fees. Disability care case work and one-on-one activity support is now ready for customer deployments. Group work day centre support is due for release in March 2017. Please check our blog for announcements regarding this work.

Client Contribution and Invoices

October 28, 2016

CDS has developed a standard method to apply client contribution (co-payment) to funded activities. Client contribution defaults are configured per program and raise a payment invoice at the conclusion of each activity the client has participated in. Bulk invoices can be sent to MYOB and other accounting systems for processing.

Advanced Reporting

April 28, 2017

CDS will release its new data visualisation reporting engine, Community BI in April 2017. The self service reporting technology enables users to design the report data structure and select their presentation preferences to generate real-time, fully featured reports. Please contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration.

CDS Assessments

April 30, 2017

Community CI, CDS collective impact assessment software is a new unique client assessment flexible product we will release in 2017 to empower our clients to design their own assessments and view client progress reports and collective impact statistical analysis of aggregated data. Community CI software supports individual organisations and multi-organisation configurations.